Spoz Poetry Day
Winning teams Flo-etry and Alliteration Amateurs with Spoz
Spoz Poetry Day
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Spoz Poetry Day
Spoz Poetry Day
Spoz Poetry Day
Year 8s get poetic with Spoz!

Over 80 of our Year 8 students enjoyed the novel experience of participating in a 'slam' poetry day on 11 February as part of our school's varied enrichment programme for the academic year.

The event was hosted and led by professional poet and writer Giovanni Esposito, otherwise known as 'Spoz', a former Birmingham Poet Laureate who runs an interactive programme of poetry workshops throughout schools in the region.

The day, organised by the English department, aimed to bring poetry to life in an exciting and relevant way, in order to make literacy something to be celebrated rather than rejected.

A poetry 'slam' could be compared to X-Factor but without the singing, and after a day of brainstorming, spontaneous poetry and word games, students worked in groups to create, write and perform poems based on their own thoughts and feelings around the theme of fairness and justice in the world.

Fourteen teams with names such as 'Comma-On' and 'Poetry Patrol' were encouraged to include rhyme, rhythm and effective structure in their compositions which touched on topics such as racism, homophobia and terrorism. The resulting poems performed in the final 'slam' competition were perceptive, expressive and poignant.

Mr Esposito said: "I enjoyed a thoroughly marvellous day of writing and sharing with the young people of Chipping Campden School. Despite running these workshops for many years, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the creative minds of twelve and thirteen year olds. It is good to know that poetry is safe in their hands."

Engaging with poetry is a key component of Key Stage 3 and GCSE English and English Literature study, so the day provided a valuable learning experience for all who enthusiastically and vocally participated! Joint winning teams of 'Flo-etry' and 'Alliteration Amateurs' were chosen by a judging panel of teachers to represent the school at this year's Cheltenham Poetry Festival School Slam final which takes place at Cheltenham Town Hall on Monday 28 April.


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