"Students in the sixth form are making good progress towards their targets across a broad range of subjects because of good teaching."

"Around four in 10 students go to Russell Group universities, compared with one in 10 nationally."

Ofsted 2017

Enrolment into Year 13

Students who collect their results on August 17th , and do not require assistance with determining which subjects they wish to continue to A2, will be able to enrol and collect their new timetable between 9.30 and 12.00 on Thursday 17th August. Their first day of term will be on Thursday 7th September where they will register and go straight into lessons.

Students who are unable to collect their results on August 17th, or who require assistance with making decisions about their choices, need to attend school on Wednesday 6th September for an enrolment interview as follows:

Period 1: Surname A-F
Period 2: Surname G –L
Period 3: Surname M-P
Period 4: Surname Q-T
Period 5: Surname U-Z

Welcome to Chipping Campden School Sixth Form

Our school Sixth Form combines high quality, specialist teaching with outstanding support structures, ensuring that each student is given every opportunity to achieve their potential.

Any student who is successful in securing a place in our Sixth Form will enjoy positive relationships with teachers; high quality teaching with stretch and challenge for the most able; as well as a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities.

Providing students meet basic entry requirements, and those specific to particular subject areas, they are very welcome to join us and take full advantage of all that Sixth Form life here can offer.

Life in the Sixth Form is very different from year 11. In addition to having a purpose built Study Centre, students have an elected committee who help to run the Sixth Form and who are consulted on all aspects of school life. As young adults, who have elected to stay on in full time education, students need to rise to the challenge to manage their own learning through the use of non contact lessons, opting when to study and when to participate in enrichment activities.

The Sixth Form is an active and outgoing community who play a very important part in the life of Chipping Campden School and the wider community. Students need to be prepared to meet academic challenges, but also utilise the greater freedom that will be given in an industrious and worthwhile manner, taking advantage of the opportunity to develop leadership and teambuilding skills.
We are justifiably proud that our Post 16 students are ready to meet the challenge.

The Student Perspective

"At Chipping Campden, we are very lucky to have our very own purpose-built Sixth Form Centre. This includes a study room and a common room. The sense of community in the Sixth Form is one of the strengths of the school. There are loads of opportunities to be involved, including mentoring."

"Sixth Form at Chipping Campden not only provides an excellent start to Further Education but the additional bonuses and opportunities it provides make choosing Sixth Form all the more worthwhile. During my time in the Sixth Form, becoming a Senior Prefect then Deputy Head Boy opened up new avenues and possibilities and responsibilities for me to enjoy. Performing in the school play and contributing to the everyday life of the school, alongside my studies seems to have made the perfect balance, helped more so by the self-allocated time you are allowed. The sense of community and comradeship is overwhelming and there are always more friends to be made. All of this plus the excellent facilities available to students make Sixth Form all the more worthy of our choice. Make Sixth Form your choice after GCSE."

"A great place to study, learn and socialise, a friendly atmosphere and a tight-knit community."
"Sixth Form is an enjoyable time, although it's hard work. Everyone's really friendly and the teachers are 'human'. If you come back, it's really fun, so enjoy."

"I would recommend Sixth Form to all younger students. I'm currently in Year 12 and I am really enjoying it. It's quite different to GCSEs as it requires a greater commitment and the work is obviously much more difficult, however it's manageable as long as you find the balance between enjoying the freedom and putting in the effort."

"Campden has offered so many valuable opportunities which shape our future and personalities. It's a bubbly, exciting and invigorating learning environment and I am proud to be part of it."

Sixth Form Dress Code

Dressed For Learning

In recognition of their status as Post 16 learners, Sixth Form students do not wear a school uniform and fabric colour is not specified. The following code has been drawn up by students and all who study in the Sixth Form are required to agree to observe the following guidelines as part of their student agreement transaction. The spirit of the dress code is based upon 'office wear' which is appropriate for a school environment.

Dress for male students:
• Formal jacket or blazer to be worn at all times
• Long or short sleeved shirt
• Tie
• V necked jumper (optional)
• Tailored trousers
• Black, brown or navy shoes or boots

Dress for female students:
• Formal jacket or blazer to be worn at all times
• Long or short sleeved shirt / top
• Jumper (optional)
• Tailored skirts or dresses close to the knee in length
• Black, brown or navy shoes or boots

Not acceptable:
• Maxi or mini skirts
• Leggings, cropped trousers or shorts of any description
• Strappy tops or cropped tops
• Denim of any sort
• Trainers or flimsy footwear
• Ugg-type, slouchy boots
• Visible facial/body piercing or tattoos
• Hats inside the building

Please note that Sixth Form students are asked to respect the general school rules from September 2015 which include:
• No headphones to be worn when walking around school
• Not making or taking mobile phone calls when walking around school

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